Taikus are daily visual poems that tell the stories of a once upon a time colony in the magical “Forest of Query”. Visitors to the forest, like the free thinkers and outcasts, who had settled at the colony, had to confront themselves with the dark winter forest inhabited by mystical creatures without gender or race, partly human and partly beast, to face their deepest fears, demons, and concerns. They had to swim in the “Lake of All Problems and Solutions” to find their destinies written on Sory’s, the only-born-in-water tree, leaves. All virtual creatures and environments were developed from Origami folded photographs and sculptured in a remote studio in the dark winter forest at the Mac Dowell Colony of Arts in Peterborough, NH, USA.

NFTs Objekt.com

Soundscape by Hutch Demouilpied

Narrative ideas Veronica B.