Cit of Dreams, site – specific installation: 300 photographs, each 15 cm x 15 cm, video (5 min 38 sec), projection original 16 mm material, audio recording and performance by Almut Moelk, Die Baeckerei Innsbruck, 2015

The City of Dreams is a collaborative project of Andrea Artz and Almut Mölk, who have traveled extensively in their lives and have met each other in New York in 1998. Andrea Artz’s video and photographic installation are based upon film stills from iconic New York movies and New York short films featuring Almut Mölk as an actress. Almut Mölk’s sound installation is the result of a recollection of dreams all set in New York starting 2010 until the present time. Andrea’s layered photographs and film dreams are in their very nature often multiply layered hence having the freedom of not being bound by place and time.

Almut’s Dreams of New York (Voice Almut Moelk)

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