The Forest of Query is an immersive installation and virtual reality experience and a  collaboration by artist Andrea G Artz & writer Veronica B. The installation first premiered at The Foyer, School of Design, University of Leeds in December 2019 invited by Eirini Boukla/ lecturer School of Design.

Its story tells of a once upon a time colony where settlers found their destinies written on Sory’s, the only-born-in-water tree, leaves. Visitors, like the free thinkers and outcasts, who had settled the colony, had to confront themselves with the dark forest inhabited by challenging creatures without gender or race, partly human, partly mythological, and partly beast, to face their deepest fears, demons, and concerns before embracing what Sory had to offer them. All creatures and environments that came to life in the virtual world developed from Origami-like folded photographs and sculptured in a remote studio in the dark winter forest at the Mac Dowell Colony of Arts in Peterborough, NH, USA.

HD video Forest of Query, 2019