121212, installation view: mixed media: drawing, collage, handmade sculpture, photography, video, Bank Street Arts Sheffield, 2012

12 hours is a collaborative project of two artists (Livia Garcia + Andrea Artz) that have traveled extensively in their lives. A location was picked within the UK for one another to travel to. The traveler didn’t know where she is going until the day of the trip. Andrea was sent to Derby and Livia traveled to the Isle of Wight. During the 12-hour journey the artists responded to a list of 12 instructions given to her by the other artist. Materials that were collected during the trip including writing, audio, photographs, videos, sketches served as inspiration for the following exhibition on 12.12.2012.

“When I arrived in Derby the sky was dark and it started raining and most shops where closed. I had to walk up to New Zealand Square, which lies in a suburb surrounded by cheap housing, not exactly the most beautiful area. The square was just some green grass in the center and 3 boys on their scooters. One of them named Jack, asked what my profession is and I answered: “I am an artist”. Then he asked me to do a drawing of him. He actually was the most perfect model I ever had, holding still for a long time. This square was the most fun experience in Derby I had. Back home I decided to built a monument for Jack”.

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