Site-specific installation: archival print, tea & vegetable stained, glue, each photographic 3d portrait 15 cm x 6 cm x 15 cm. Solo exhibition Crol & Co, 2018

Ghost Weight is a wall-based installation comprised of Origami foldings that meander through Crol & Co’s space. “The Lord of the Cactus”, “The Oyster Eater”, “The Possessed Girl” or “The Crazy Corseted Suffragette” were all sculptured after oblivion. Likewise, “The Caged Cool Man” singing Music to Watch the Girls By, or “The Edwardian Yogini” bring us memories doomed until now to disappear. Serving an eternity in the darkest shelves of the cheapest charity shops these historical photographic portraits all emerged from death to reinvent their existence. Some were even less lucky and had to ascend from their graves at the bottom of the deepest forgotten boxes of unknown flea markets. Andrea has helped her characters to regain life, measuring their souls against the heavy Ghost Weight of nothingness that their legacies became. By doing so, the artist has allowed them to be forever free in peace. (Nacho Díaz)