Kodak Moments, site – specific installation: Large format Kodak film cartons, coloured card, writing, timber, Espacio Gallery, 2015

At the gallery visitors were encouraged to write down their most memorable Kodak Moments. The work explores our obsession with picture taking and the emotional impact on our lives. It was surprising that most participants didn’t have a photograph of these moments. In our time of constant picture taking memory is usually more important than the actual experience, but obviously photography failed to record just this. ‘The ground-breaking Kodak Colorama campaign, which ran from 1950-1990, depicted a wholesome, family-orientated, idyllic version of American life. All these scenes of unbridled happiness became ‘Kodak moments’ thanks to some genius marketing clearly showing that photography was no longer confined to professionals in studios but for the layperson keen to capture daily life’.

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