Distant Perigrinations, virtual reality installation, Neuland Projekt Raum, curator Beate Gaertner, Bochum, Germany 2021

With natural easiness one would think the Nordic Winds would have guided and protected the peregrinations of fellow errant soulgraphed travellers and modern-day plague witnesses en route to Bochum across the German Ocean. However, the malign spirits of Brexit have combined their weakness and powerlessness to prevent the easy flows of pilgrim artistic works of the departed souls across nations, disciplines, and talents by tracing, caging, and losing the freedom of movement needed to present an original piece of art in full. As a result of such misfortune this Soulgrapher Animator, has been redesigned to still absorb your soul with a different soul inlet from the one tested and exhibited in London but lost in transit. Combined with the power of the original Soul Turbo Blower, the Soulgrapher Animator will still fly you to the world where life begins after death and people still travel safe and free in it. (Veronica B.)